Motivation missing?

It’s been a bit. Last week was rough in so many ways, but better now! The future is still a question mark but got to keep on keeping. I’m undecided on how personal I want this to get so I won’t talk too much about it yet. I also don’t want to stop myself from writing for any reason, so that’s why there’s this random nothingness post.

I’m currently listening to the apple keynote about the new apple watch, and besides absorbing news have not honestly done productive things today. I tend to overwhelm myself with all the things I want to do and then feel guilty when I don’t do them immediately. I’m currently trying to do time blocking but I put the time gaps for too long and have not ended up following through with most of them.

Time blocking if anyone doesn’t know it is planning to do something for say 30 minutes, then taking a 15 minute break, then doing something else. Rinse and repeat. Well somethings gotta give eventually. Next time should be an actual post!

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