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This post comes from the middle of CodeMash. It is my first year speaking and second year attending. Unfortunately, my talk isn’t until the last slot on the last day, so I feel distracted from the rest of the conference in anticipation (/anxiety) for my talk. It’s a bit of a shame for a conference hosted at a hotel with a water park.

Despite my nervousness, I’m excited and honored to be a speaker.  My talk is about the history of programming languages focusing on the following: C/C++, Haskell, Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and Go. Due to this opportunity, I’ve had the excuse to research the history of programming languages and learn how different languages evolved.

One of the highlights so far has been: “Data Science: Zero to Hero“. It was in the format of a four hour lab, so a deep dive into statistics was possible. I recently submitted a phD application for Computational Linguistics, so it was nice to get a refresher in Pandas, NumPy, and Python. New classes and libraries I was able to learn about were Matplotlib.pyplot and scikit-learn.

Tomorrow the main part of the conference begins, so the calm of the conference will soon be gone. *^*p

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  1. Just wanted to comment to say that your talk was a great way to end the conference. My friend and I were debating whether to go to a “work” talk or something fun and decided fun was a better choice! I see that you were nervous and with the initial technical issues and how quick the talk went that probably didn’t help your nervousness, but it wasn’t noticeable and was a great talk. Hope you get an opportunity to speak again next year. Have a great 2019!

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