Net Neutrality!

The FCC passed the Net Neutrality law yesterday! Yes, I’m a day late, but in my defense, I knew all about it as it was happening. I’m just lazy.

So if no one randomly reading this know what Net Neutrality is. Summary: Verizon/Comcast/AT&T wanted to create “fast lanes” for those who paid more. There have been stories in the past of them bullying Netflix by “accidentally” throttling their internet since they didn’t pay extra. What would be the effect of this? Either sites would charge the user more to keep the same speed and quality, or deal with infinitely slower internet. Smaller companies like Reddit, Etsy, everything open-source spoke out about it, combined with millions (perhaps billions-haven’t looked it up) of everyday people signing petitions and speaking out. Result: The internet (in America) is for now more transparent and open, as it should be.

Detail of it can be found here-Page 2 has the main points that I talked about. Go look up more. Stay informed!

Well this is the first of many that are sure to come. There are plenty of loopholes I’m sure and people are always going to pay for what should be free. I’ll try and give a blurb about this as they happen.

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