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Getting started with hosting

Just asked a web experienced friend of mine a little about how to get started with this. It turns out Github has Github Pages and will host any static site for free, so it’s great place to start. Then if I have to build a backend-which I most likely will have to-I should switch to Heroku as it’s free and fairly easy to use.

Also here I may as well say what the project “MeetupMaps” is:

The product Meetup allows a user to find groups near a specific location based off of their interests. However, it doesn’t show where the events themselves are and the event location and group location can be extremely different. Therefore, I’m planning to make a simple web site with only a Google Map embedded which will show the events near a location. Adjusting hobbies, time, user sign up, and private groups are all potential problems.

Either way, should be a good project!

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