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Crash course in web stuff I don’t know

I don’t know a whole lot about web frameworks and such, so this is just about to be me looking at a few different ones and taking notes on them. Some might not even be web frameworks, but just something someone told me to look at. Who knows!

Currently on the list: Meteor, NeoJ4, Docker, App.js and The Google Maps API. Now the last one is for a small project that will eventually get pulled out into it’s only post, but for now, it’s here.

Project description: Use Google Maps API and Meetup API to have a web app that shows events near you. Potential problems: user sign in info. Shouldn’t need to sign into meetup because that’s inconvient, but also need to know which groups you’re interested in.

Why am I looking at a web app right now? Well I like mobile things, but don’t want to go through the trouble of making separate apps. Also I don’t know these things and should. I’ll probably focus mostly on Python over Javascript, because I know Python already, but am up for whatever makes my life easiest!

Okay one of the first things to research. Domains. How the does one get a domain. I know the easiest ones for small projects .io is going to be best since it’s cheaper. Note: I’ve done web things before but always hosted them on my school user domain.

Just got distracted by reddit. After some research .io seems expensive. Looking for better option. Post this on free WordPress for now. I’ll move it to its own domain in future.

TODO: heroku/linode for hosting and domain stuff, is supposed to be good for interaction with APIs, MEAN is apparently the new LAMP, this thing is supposed to be good

Things I said I would do: Google maps day Github, Github Python, this gmaps wrapper

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