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This is partially for reference for myself and by partially I mean mostly. But this morning, I spent some time comparing some background noise things! (Source: Reddit)

For working, I love the sounds of coffeeshops, and Coffitivity has a variety of coffeeshop sounds and can give a few different atmospheres. Works well as background or combined with music for just setting the tone of work.

As writing this I’m listening to A Soft Murmur which I think is my new personal favorite since I can combine coffee shop sounds and rain.  Add in to that option of Fire-usually use this– and the separation of thunder and rain. It’s the the most customizable in my opinion. There is an android app, but you have to pay $1 for the coffeeshop sound, which is what I like the most, so that’s useless.

A similar site is Sound Drown, with the added bonus of trains, but moving among them is slightly awkward. If you want a combination of sounds it’s more difficult to customize them. Also, they only have rain, and I like the sound of thunderstorms over straight rain. This allows for different levels of thunder versus rain, but then nothing else.

If I just want rain or white noise to sleep or relax then Rainy Mood is the best choice-simple and clean (which is a fantastic song to work to as well!)

End notes: Maybe I just haven’t heard of it, but I wonder why there’s not a workplace mood soundtrack. There are lots of people who work from home or remote that would probably enjoy that, or maybe they already have their system completely worked out.

Honorable mentions: Winter SoundsTwo minute relaxer, Forrest sounds, This kid’s attempt to combine some of these, and last You are listening which is pretty awesome.

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