Train across the states part 1

So for reasons, I’m heading to Michigan in about a month. Well I decided to take a train, because why not! This is part one of the sites I’ve looked at for finding things and more about this this can be expected!

First thing I found was this. Now the most useful thing I got from this is Amtrak is about the only train system in the US-which I knew, but no harm in double checking. The map showing train services at a glance was helpful for figuring out what would be the best way to get from San Diego to Detroit. It was instantly obvious that I should actually look for LA to Chicago. On the site I found this gem. This allows you to search through the different routes across multiple days! Super helpful. They didn’t bother making pretty but it works well so who cares. I found a train from LAX to CHI for $135. Total time on a train will be 43 hours. After looking at the actual Amtrak site, I found out that there will NOT be internet on this. However, it’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful routes. It sounds bad, but I honestly don’t think I’ll have time for all the things I want to do. With so many interesting folks around, I hope to make it through a movie or two (potentially a season of GoT) and a book! *^*p Ganbaru!

Note: For safety reasons, I will not be listing the date I’m leaving-because the internet. Also, I’m poor and trying to not waste too much money doing this.

For the leg from Chicago to Detroit, I’m probably going to use Megabus, because I love Megabus. They even provide free wifi even though the buses are dirty cheap.

Expect another of these very soon!

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