Train across the States part 2

So this is still the planning stage. However, I’ve more or less finalized my date leaving and will be buying my ticket in the next 14 hours. I signed up for Amtrak Rewards since it’s free and even used a friend’s referral so they get some extra points! Since I know which I’m taking, I found the menu for the trip. All passengers are allowed to take food and drinks with them but all posts about trains say you need to use the dining car at least once to have the experience of it. Breakfast is first come first serve, so maybe I’ll get up, watch the sunrise and have breakfast there one day.

Another useful thing I’ve heard people saying-I scoured Reddit and the internet for tips- is to spend the day on the observation deck so then it’s easier to sleep in your seat. After all no one wants to sleep in the same seat they’ve been in all day. This makes sense, but I don’t understand if you just leave your things at your seat or take them with you. I’m sure it’ll be obvious when I’m on there. Note: I will be in a coach seat not a sleeping room through this trip.

Also, free hot water is available so oatmeal, instant coffee, tea, instant ramen, etc are great idea. I’ll probably grab some jerky, protein/granola bars, apples, and pb for the trip. Someone said “they can’t heat things for you”, so I’m assuming microwaveable stuff is not a good idea. Other food recommendations are tuna packets, bread, crackers I’ve seen I’m not planning on bringing alcohol, but it seems like as long as you’re not blatant about it, the staff doesn’t really care. After all they sell alcohol themselves.

An $8 Amtrak sleeper pack with pillow, blanket, eye mask is available, but I’ll just bring my own pillow and blanket. Should be fine.

Uh just found this tip: “In place of that rule, however, is this: you must always WEAR SHOES, preferably hard-soled, when moving about the train. Apart from the obvious sanitary reason, having a toe sheared off in the vestibule between cars is something you’d like to avoid.” Apparently that’s an amtrak rule. I’ll make sure not to wear flip flops since I like my toes.

Posts I found and enjoyed. I read this entire woman’s blog about her travels. She took 30 days and traveled around the US. Super Kudos to her. Since I read them in reverse, I felt the pain when she raved about her pillow she loved knowing she would lose it one week late. Sorry for your pillow loss. Her post about the dining cart and rail pass are the most USEFUL, but I just enjoyed listening to her stories. I think we’d be friends if we met. Also, kind of feel like I should check out the hostel in San Diego she talked about. So many things to do in San Diego before leaving.

This seems like a good post, but it’s long so I scanned. But seems useful to be able to look at later!

Unfortunately, this woman had a bad experience. I’m on the upper level which of course I was thrilled for, but thinking about it, it might be less popular due to motion sickness. Well at least I don’t usually have that problem, so I should be fine.

Eep! This is happening. The more I read, the more I want to just get a rail pass in the future and bum around. Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One trip at a time!

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