Super Busy but also Ethics

Hello! It’s been a bit.

As my previous posts say, I’m taking a train across the US and preparing for that has been time consuming. However, not all encompassing. So what has been? Well I’ve been working on a contract job! Whoo money.

Okay, but why is the name of the post ethics? Good question! It’s because I’ve found myself in an uncomfortable situation. I’m not going to go into any details since I don’t need any company secrets exposed claims or nonsense. Long story short, I signed up for a contract job without fully understanding the legal and ethical undertones. I knew it was in a grey and not encouraged area, but it was the first time I took a contract job and I was trying to not let myself make excuses for not taking it. So I wrote up a project plan, and set phases. Note: I said explicitly I could only commit 30 hours over 2 weeks and then would be completely done, so it couldn’t just evolve into a never ending monster right? Well let’s continue.

After diving into the project, I found errors in other parts of the code. Parts that were not part of my job. I also found some data that should’ve been getting pulled and that my client wanted to get pulled. Now in hindsight, I should’ve said, “That’s not my job. I’m here to write __ and integrate it into the system” However, being young, I didn’t know better and listened to what my client wanted. Well believe or not, this extra part took around 12 hours, and now I’m extremely behind schedule for my actual project deadlines and already far over the estimated or the committed hours. So lesson one learned. Stick to what you’re there to do.

Ethics though. Well also as the project continued I started to question a portion of the project that had been added due to the new information. Without detail, it’s both in contract and in contract if that makes sense. Well around Thursday, it started to nag, Saturday I feel guilty, and Sunday I felt so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep. Now, this was supposed to be a 28 hour tops project, but even wasn’t working on it, it nagged and bothered me. It wasn’t until Tuesday (Project finishing Friday) that I finally got the courage to say something. Well. It seems the client didn’t mind and semi-shamed me for feeling the way I did. I left conversation (Wednesday now) feeling confused and bullied. I’d gone into it confident and sure of myself. I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to do. Even if he wanted me to do the extra part, I didn’t have time for it anyway.

I’m sure anyone reading this would love to hear that I took a stand and said no, quit the job, etc. But I didn’t. I did send an email saying I wouldn’t have time for it. That’s about it. I’m supposed to have this done by tomorrow. I’m 37 hours into this now and just doing I was supposed to do and cleaning up is going take at least 8. But either way, I’m not working on it anymore in about 30 hours. Screw everyone else. All the life lessons.

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