Word of advice.

As a follow-up to the previous post. If anyone ever feels uncomfortable in a contract job, you’re not required to continue. It’s okay to leave. Several people gave me this advice between Thursday and Tuesday. It’s what empowered me to say something initially. I felt guilt for potentially not finishing something I had committed to. I felt like I was disappointing everyone- in fact the only person being disappointed would be the client. However, I’m not the only coder in the world. It’s not my responsibility to fix everything. The project may be 3 month past launch date and abandoned by the last coder, but none of those are things that are my fault. I realize now as the clock ticks down and I can only do so much, that I shouldn’t worried in the first place. I had no reason to feel all the pressure and stress that client was feeling. In fact, he should’ve spent the last 2 weeks while I was working for him, finding someone to take over. He always knew that I wouldn’t be around after 2 weeks and should’ve planned accordingly. None of this is my fault, except not standing my ground sooner.

Leave if it feels wrong. It’s okay.

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