Adventures in Rooting my tablet

Don’t expect any exciting stories, this is actually just me jotting down things as I do this.

Why am I rooting it? <– Why Not?

Actually after I let my tablet from 2012 update to Lollipop, it’s really struggled. The processing speed halved and it freezes a lot now. The poor thing can’t handle it.

So I’m following this tutorial, and installing Cyanogenmod. Step one was move any data off. Check.

Okay. I don’t currently have abd and fastboot set up, but I do have the sdk and tools installed. It looks like I should just have to add something to me ~/.bash_profile file? Doesn’t seem to be working.

The internet says something about not using ~/.bash_profile and using ~/.bashrc instead. Research time.

Side note- “This prompt is produced by a program called getty(8) which runs on the tty (terminal) device” Now the program PuTTY makes more sense. You’re getting and putting a terminal. How literal. Wiki for reference.

Continuing. This is the simplest and overarching explaining I’ve found. Profile is when you log on and rc is when you open a terminal (except in terminal in Mac OS X…) So I guess it doesn’t matter which I do! I’m actually going to do the recommended rc in profile though.

Exceptttt I don’t have a .bashrc file. So I guess that answers the question of whether iTerm is different than Terminal. Nope they still just use bash_profile every time.  Still doens’t work though. Oh I have to source it-which loads the new configuration.

. ~/.bashrc


source ~/.bashrc

These are both working now, whoo! Looking like I’ll need Google Apps as well.

Just realized I skipped an entire paragraph. This is why multitasking is bad.

Accidentally skipped the meat and potatoes, but everything was pretty straightforward after that. I used Sideload to install the OS and Google Apps.

Finished Result (although it needs some configurations and such still) It has the look and feel of Lollipop but not the lag it was giving me, so I would call it a success!

Screenshot of Tablet

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